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Real Estate Estepona

DEL RÍO ABOGADOS. Since 1963. Real Estate Estepona

Our firm offers you legal advice in all types of Real State law issues related to conveyancing transactions at Estepona. (Málaga)

Our Real Estate Estepona services could be much more than a helping hand when dealing with all the legal process for a clean and secure transaction in the purchase or selling of a property in Estepona (Málaga).

Do you need a lawyer to guide you in the purchase or selling of a property in Cadiz, Spain? DEL RÍO ABOGADOS is your best option. Contact us.

Our Real Estate Estepona lawyers count with the necessary experience to guide you over all the steps for a secure transaction.

If you want to acquire, rent or sell a property in Spain, DEL RÍO ABOGADOS can ensure you a clean and secure transaction.

DEL RIO ABOGADOS, with more than 60 years of experience is a highly renowed Law firm in Real Estate field. We act as independent legal assistance for the client and only collaborates with the most trustworthy Real Estate Agencies in Spain.

Our Real Estate Estepona lawyers can offer you a team of highly qualified lawyers to deal with private documents. We can review any document you will be signing when buying or selling a property. You can trust in our experience as Real Estate Estepona lawyers.

When the client has decided which property they wish to acquire, our Real Estate Estepona we begin to carry out all the steps of the buying process:

  • The deposit
  • Due Dilligence
  • Private Contracts
  • Public deed of Purchase
  • Taxes and Community Fees
  • Other arrangements

Our Real Estate Estepona offer you assistance in the following matters:


  • Conveyancing of all type of Real Estate properties
  • Mortgages
  • Dealing with Notaries/ Licenses
  • Dealing with Financial Institutions
  • Real rights over Real Estate property
  • New building  registrations
  • Registrations at the Land Registry (Registro de la Propiedad)
  • Claims for every type of construction defects
  • Contractual service contracts

We know how to protect your interests. Contact us to learn about our services and fees.

 DEL RIO ABOGADOS: Real Estate Estepona. We can guarantee a complete transparency of the transactions.

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Del Río Abogados

Real Estate Estepona. Your independent legal assistant. We only collaborate with the most trustworthy Real Estate Agencies in Spain.

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